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This group is for all people to discuss CB Radio. Whether it would be for help, just a chat, classifieds or anything else post it here. We are all here to be friends and help each other.


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For discussion of any aspect of Citizens Band radio operation. Such as- equipment, people, rallies, future proposals, politics, or reminisce about the good old days of AM and the boom of the early 1980s.

There are two rules-
1. No abusive comments. Differing opinions and lively debate is good. But if you want to insult people, go to usenet.

2. Posts must be about CB Radio. Every one is welcome, but posts must be concerning CB. Non based SSB DX clubs are not covered by this group and messages about non CB organizations should not be posted. Our groups covering the international CB scene,  However, based CB DX groups are welcome.

"For Sale" or "Wanted" adverts for second hand equipment are welcome, so long as the equipment offered would be of interest to CBers.

Please note that new members will be have their first posts moderated. This is due to the increasing amount of bots. Once your posts have been checked you will become free of moderation. 

CB Radio can be an invaluable tool for farmers, with a vehicle-to-vehicle range of 3-6 miles and vehicle-to-base range of upto 10 miles... increasing safety and efficiency, allowing workers to communicate together and convoys of transport vehicles to keep in touch while out on the roads.
We specialist in CB radio for farm and off road use - we understand what you need from your communications and we know how to help you get the best from it!

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Midland 75-822
AnyTone Smart CB Mobile
Uniden BEARCAT 880
Cobra 29LX CAMO
Cobra 29 LTD CHR
Stryker SR-655HPC
Uniden PC78LTX
AnyTone AT-5555N

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